Rome, Italy 2014 羅馬, 意大利


Rome was certainly the highpoint in our European trip. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to meet the Holy Father and receive his Apostolic Blessing. We told him all about the work that we are doing. It was an amazing grace to be in his presence.

We also met with Father Carlos Walker, Superior General of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. He took the time out from his busy schedule to invite us to his residence to have lunch with him and the priests living there. We were able to share about the ministry with him. He liked all of our materials especially our Chinese textbook. Since that blessed meeting we have continued to keep in close contact with him and are now working with his order by providing textbooks to the missionary priests and sisters.

Fr. Carlos took us to a Chinese owned store located a short walk from where he lives. We were able to find out from the shopkeepers that there are a lot Chinese moving  into the neighborhood. Another place for us to help evangelize!

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