Silk Road Mission 福傳絲路


There are Chinese immigrating to Europe more than ever before.  Since 9/11, it has been very difficult for the Chinese to get the proper documents to enter the United States. So they are going to France, Italy, Spain, Germany and many other European nations.

There are very large Chinese communities in Central and South America also.

There is such a great need to bring the gospel to the Chinese in these places that we are constantly traveling there when possible and communicating with them via email and Zoom.

Jesus is doing wonderful things and many Chinese are being baptized Catholic.

We, at Queen of China Catholic Ministries, are working closely with the clergy of these countries to provide Bibles, catechisms and evangelization materials and other Catholic written materials and sacramentals.

We also travel to Chinese Catholic communities in many areas to provide training workshops. We equip communities with the skills needed for street evangelization and door-to-door evangelization.


華人移民到歐洲比以往更多,因為 9/11 事件的影響,華人已難獲得適當的文件進入美國。 因此他們就去法國,義大利,西班牙,德國等許多歐洲國家。 所以那裏有非常大的華人社區,中南美洲也是。 


由 “中華之后聖母天主教福傳會” 提供聖經、教理、福傳材料和教中文天主教詞彙的教科書,與這些國家的天主教神職人員通過電子郵件和 Zoom 與他們溝通,密切合作。

我們同時到當地華人天主教堂區,提供福傳培訓班。 我們照著當地華人堂區的需要,教授街頭傳教和挨家挨戶福傳的技能。




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