Rome, Italy 2015 羅馬, 意大利

We are very grateful to the Italian Bishops Conference for giving us an office in Rome. It was very important for us to continue our day to day work and having an office helped facilitate that.

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival in Rome was a lot of fun. The event was coordinated by a group of Parishes and Organizations which included the Chinese Parish. It was held outside using the basketball court of a local school. Hundreds of people came to celebrate and to learn about the Chinese holiday.

An important work of our ministry is writing and implementing evangelization plans for Chinese parishes. At San Bernardino da Siena Chinese Parish in Rome the first part of the plan was to sponsor a “Welcome Home” party for all the parishioners who do not regularly attend Mass there. It is very important to build up the parish family first before we go out and evangelize the community. The regular Mass attendees were so happy when over 65 people came to Mass and the get together afterwards. All those who came signed up for different groups such as Hospitality Group, Liturgy Group, Choir, Prayer Group, Activity Group, and Evangelization Group. Once they are involved in the different groups, they will feel a part of the Church family and will continue to come. We have a lot of work yet to do but this is certainly a wonderful beginning.