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What’s Happening ! 懷念宋稚青神父

In Memoriam

Fr. Thomas Sung CSJB  by Debbie Wang

This past May we were graced with the opportunity to return to New York to visit with Fr. Sung (宋稚青神父). We never thought that that would be the last time we would ever see him.  He had recently celebrated his 100th birthday and we just wanted to spend some time with him. We have many wonderful memories of working with him serving the Chinese people. It all started in 1996 when Fr. Sung and I met with the pastor of St. Michael’s Parish to establish a new Chinese Catholic Community there.  That was the beginning of a close friendship that we shared with Fr. Sung. He was often a guest at our home to lead Bible sharing, teach RCIA classes or just to share a pizza: his favorite thing to eat. I even appeared with him on a Chinese television show to discuss the true meaning of Thanksgiving. He was one of the best homilists I have ever known. He was a prolific writer and scholar and at the same time  so humble and childlike. One of my favorite memories was watching him play jumprope with the children after mass.

We will miss you, Father Sung ! Please pray for us.


Martyr Saints of China Feast Day – July, 9th

我們被鼓舞了, 因這些聖人聖女的最終見證。以他們作為榜樣,我們繼續跟隨主基督,與衪日益親近。 We would like to give thanks to these holy men and women of God. By their ultimate witness of Fullness of Truth, Complete Faith and Total Love we continue to find our inspiration. By their example may we follow Christ ever closer.