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    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit Catholic ministry organization founded and run by the laity since 2008. Our mission is to bring the fullness of the truth of the Catholic Church to all Chinese living outside of Asia. Our U.S. office is located in Corpus Christi Texas: the city name for the Body and Blood of Christ. The major work of our ministry is producing evangelization materials to be used to bring the truth of the Catholic Faith to our Chinese brothers and sisters. They are available in English, Chinese traditional and simplified characters. We can also design something specifically for your parish or school. We have published the only Chinese Catholic language textbook ‘Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations’. It is especially written for those who are called to evangelize the Chinese throughout the world. You can go to ‘Evangelization Publications‘  to place your orders.

“ 中華之后聖母天主教福傳會 ” 屬501(c)(3) 非營利組織機構由平信徒於 2008 年創立。宗旨為傳天主教的全真信仰給海外的華人。本部位於美國德州的基督聖體城 (Corpus Christi, Texas)。 我們出版了唯一的教中文天主教詞彙福傳用教科書及設計中文(繁/简)的福傳材料 ,専門提供給堂區和學校傳福音給華人兄弟姊妹們。 我們也能為您的堂區專門設計傳教材料。請點 “福傳作品系列” 來選擇本會所出版的福傳作品及教科書。

      本 會 創 始 者              
 About Our Founders: Stephen and Debbie Wang         

DSCN1242 copyStephen and Debbie Wang, founders and directors of Queen of China Catholic Ministries, are a lay married couple. Throughout their more than thirty-five years of married life together, they have sought to live out the Gospel message in their daily life. Their desire to show how lay families can serve the Church led them to establish Queen of China in 2008. Having a special devotion to Our Lady especially under the title Queen of China and the Eucharist, they have worked together as a couple serving the spiritual needs of the Chinese diaspora. Their evangelization work has brought them to many Chinese communities in the U. S., Central America, Canada and Europe. Looking to their own marriage as an example of an east-west relationship, they help local clergy reach out to the Chinese living in their communities. The Martyr Saints of China, especially the foreign missionaries, continue to inspire them. Debbie often uses them as reminders that we are “called to evangelize everyone not just the ones who look like us or speak our language.” As St. Paul said in his first letter to the Corinthians, we must, “become all things to all to save at least some.”

“ 中華之后聖母天主教福傳會 ” 的創始人 Stephen 和 Debbie 王,是一對平信徒夫婦。在他們三十五年多的婚姻生活中一直追尋福音的真諦。抱著平信徒家庭也可以服務教會的信念,他們於 2008 年創立了 “中華之后聖母天主教福傳會”。源於對聖母特別是中華聖母聖體的敬禮。他們共同致力於為全球華人的靈性需要而服務。他們的福傳走進了分佈於美國,中美洲,加拿大以及歐洲的眾多華人團體。他們從自身東西方結合的婚姻出發,幫助神職人員走入當地華人社區。中華殉道聖人中特別是西方傳教士持續不斷地激勵著他們。Debbie 常常用這些殉道聖人來提醒自己,她說,“我們被召叫宣講福音,不僅僅局限於那些跟我們外貌相似,語言相同的人。” 正如同聖保祿宗徒在格林多人前書中提到的:我們必須要 “ 總要救些人。”(格前 9:22)

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            全 真                  全 信                全 愛 
         Fullness of Truth       Complete Faith           Total Love
 一 百 二 十 位 中 華 殉 道 者 於 十 月 一 日 兩 千 年 列 為 聖 人 
    On October First, 2000. 120 Martyrs of China were canonized by Pope St. John Paul II. 

sc copy我們被鼓舞了, 因這些聖人聖女的最終見證。以他們作為榜樣,我們繼續跟隨主基督,與祂日益親近。We would like to give thanks to these holy men and women of God. By their ultimate witness of Fullness of Truth, Complete Faith and Total Love we continue to find our inspiration. By their example may we follow Christ ever closer. View Chinese Saints .


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您 的 捐 獻 將 幫 助 本 會 福 傳 工 作 的 成 長 又 可 減 税。 
我 們 感 謝 您 的 支 持,天 主 保 佑。

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  1. Hi. I’m dry devoted to Saint Chi Zuzhi.

    Do you have any information about him? Where is his Shrine?

    Are there any pictures of him ?


    Fr Lobert

  2. Thank God for the example you give, and your tremendous zeal. I am very convinced that the Church will one day thrive in China… the blood of the Chinese martyrs is the seedbed that will make China, one day, a Catholic dynamo that will re-charge with its energy the whole Church, and especially the Church of the increasingly lax and indifferent West. I am very elderly now, but my prayers go with you.

  3. Thanks
    I recently buy your book I love it, My grandfather came from china a long time ago , Im always want to learn Chinese, this is a big opportunity for me , because Im catholic and this book help me a lot, Im learning little by little but Im feel so happy.

  4. Excellent and bravo!
    God bless you for your outreaching of the New Evangelization. The NE is our great mission in the socalled post modern world, being called and sent by the Lord.
    It is time for Chinese Christians over the world to stand up to respond the calling of God in the time. –Joe

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