Paris, France 2014巴黎, 法國

We visited the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris (Société des Missions étrangères de Paris).  In the crypt they had an exhibit of relics of the Chinese Martyr Saints.

Two blocks from there is the Church of St. Vincent de Paul where the incorrupt body of St. Vincent de Paul is placed. The remains of two French Saint Priests, St. Francis Clet and St. John Gabriel Perboyre who were martyred in China are also laid to rest there. 

We visited Sr. Therese Aimee of the Community of St. John at her convent in Versailles. We had a wonderful lunch with her and the sisters. They enjoyed looking at all of our materials and have committed to translating them into French for the second generation Chinese living in France to read.

We met with Father Tanneguy Viellard and Sr. Marguerite Marie at his new Chinese Parish in the northern part of Paris. We had a productive meeting with some of his parishioners. We will be helping them with a parish plan.

We visited Fr. Eric Chang, son of Alice Chang, our France coordinator at his parish. It was nice to see him again.

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