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We had the privilege of visiting the Chinese Catholic communities in Toronto this August. There are four Chinese Catholic parishes and one mission in the Toronto area. There are over 15,000 registered parishioners at Chinese Martyrs Church and about 5,000 at St. Agnes Kou Ying Tsao ( a newer parish). Fr. Andrew Deng CSJB and Fr. Francis Chong CDD, pastors of the churches have done an exemplary job at serving the Chinese living within their parishes. While there we participated in daily Holy Mass, bible sharing and parish get-togethers. We were able to distribute the Chinese Saint Holy Cards that our apostolate produces to all the parishioners.

The Chinese Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Miami celebrated its twentieth anniversary on August 14th with a special mass concelebrated by Most Rev. Ignatius Wang retired auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Msgr. Joseph Chiang, one of the founders of the community and Fr. Paul P. Pang, retired Director of the Overseas Chinese Apostolate. Following Mass, a wonderful lunch and a time for fellowship was enjoyed by over one hundred people in attendance. It was a time to reflect on the many years of prayer and hard work that brought the community to this day of celebration. While in Ft. Lauderdale, we were blessed to have stayed with Bernadette Chik, Chairman of the parish council, and her husband Franciscus. Their generous spirit and deep faith are what we will remember most from our stay. We pray that their community continues to grow and bear witness in the love of Christ.

To see the photos of these Parishes go to 2016 Silk Road Mission福傳絲路.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this powerful sermon. Knowing not who Rev. Glen Mullan is, but the sermon speaks he must be a man of good knowledge on the Word of God, and a man of faith. The sermon speaks a lot to me of the Messianic role of Jesus as priest,king, and prophet. It also brings in the role of every baptized as priest, king and prophet in today’s world. Very good sermon. Thanks again for sharing.
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    1. Thank you for your comment. Fr. Glen’s homilies are a weekly feature on our website that we have been posting since the beginning of the year. You can view his previous weeks’ homilies in the “Weekly Homily” section under “News” on our website. We are so glad that you find meaning and inspiration in his words, just as we do. Please also visit our “Silk Road Mission” section to view our pictures during our mission trip to Ireland.

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