Martyr Saints of China Feast Day – July, 9th

我們被鼓舞了, 因這些聖人聖女的最終見證。以他們作為榜樣,我們繼續跟隨主基督,與衪日益親近。 We would like to give thanks to these holy men and women of God. By their ultimate witness of Fullness of Truth, Complete Faith and Total Love we continue to find our inspiration. By their example may we follow Christ ever closer.


Martyr Saints of China Feast Days – March


Martyr Saint of China Feast Day – February


In Memory of our Paris Volunteer Coordinator

Please pray for the soul of a dear friend of ours, Alice Chang, who passed away on Christmas Eve. She was a great supporter of our ministry by sacrificing her time and energy by arranging accommodations, presentations to the Chinese parish in Paris and meetings with the local clergy. She was a woman of great faith and love for the Church who took us all around visiting the beautiful Basilicas and Cathedrals and even arranged train trips for all of us to Nevers to see the incorrupt body of St. Bernadette and the Basilica in Lisieux. She would always call us on the Feast of the Epiphany to wish us a Merry Christmas. We are also very blessed to know her son, Fr. Eric Chang, who possesses his mother’s love of service. See Ministry Friends 會友

Rest In Peace notre cher ami!

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