Chicago, Illinois 2013

During the first weekend of October, we attended a conference of the US Catholic China Bureau. We were invited to give a presentation of our ministry work. It was a wonderful experience being able to network with clergy and laity alike. We met many Americans who live and mission in China. Almost everyone there was able to speak some Chinese. Our Chinese language book was a big hit! They all told us that there was a need to improve their Chinese but were never able to find a book which taught Catholic Chinese vocabulary. Now that they found our book, they were confident that their work will be much easier since they will be able to communicate more effectively.

While at the conference, we met the rector from a Jesuit college in Hungary. He told us that there are 100,000 Chinese living in Budapest. They have long wanted to evangelize them but because of the language gap, found that to be difficult. Upon attending our presentation, he asked us to come to Hungary to work with the Jesuits there. We are planning to visit in the Spring of 2014. God is propelling our mission in ways that we never thought possible. We are humbled every day by the power of God.

We also were able to meet with the Pastor of St. Therese Chinese Mission in Chinatown. He was very welcoming to us and we have committed to helping the parish develop an evangelization plan.

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