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The inspiration of the foreign missionary martyr Saints of China-most especially their desire to learn the Chinese language in order to proclaim the Gospel to the Chinese people— has been a strong influence on the work of Queen of China Catholic Ministries. By communicating with the Chinese in their own language, these Martyr Saints unlocked hearts and forged bonds of trust by which God’s love could be felt. Following the legacy of these Martyr Saints, Queen of China Catholic Ministries has developed a Chinese Language live online program to give evangelists the necessary Catholic vocabulary to effectively evangelize the Chinese in diaspora. The program is designed for those without any prior knowledge of the language. Since it is an intensive program, results can be realized in just a few lessons, which is a great encouragement for the students. At present, clergy, seminarians, religious and laity from many parts of the U. S. and Europe are enrolled in the program and can proclaim with St. Paul, “I will proclaim your name to my brothers in the midst of the assembly I will praise You” (Heb 2: 12).

中華殉道聖人中西方傳教士的啓發, 特別是他們想望學習中文給華人傳福音的渴望。這精神對 “中華之后聖母天主教福傳會” 的工作有著非常深刻的影響。這些聖人們通過與華人用中文交流,成功開啟他們的心門,與他們建立信任的紐帶,從而幫助華人感受到天主的仁愛。“中華之后聖母天主教福傳” 會繼承了聖人的遺志,開發了中文網絡教學課程,為福傳者們教授天主教福傳常用詞彙,幫助福傳者們更有效的為全球華人傳教。該課程特別針對沒有任何中文基礎的人們。作為一門強化訓練課程,學生通常僅僅幾節課下來就會感到明顯效果,從而受到很大鼓勵。他們可以向保祿宗徒那樣講:“我要向我的弟兄,宣揚你的聖名;在集會中,我要讚揚你。”(希2:12

Come and tour the inside pages of this unique textbook especially written for those who are called to evangelize the Chinese throughout the world.



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