Ministry Friends 會友

We are very blessed to have the following lay faithful who contributed their time, talent and treasure to further the work of God in our ministry. We really appreciate them and pray that God may bless them abundantly. We are especially grateful for our prayer team who continuously prays for our ministry.  

Edel Altman, Anthony & Louisa Chan, Cheo Hock Chan, May Chan, Alice Chang, Anny Chang, James & Christina Chang, Jovanni Chang, Ted & Ann Chang, Prof. Yen Chang, Jia Lan Chen, Helen Chen, Janie Cheng, David & Juliana Chaing, Franciscus & Bernadette Chik, Julie Flood, Christina Goddard, Helen Guan, Alexander & Bonnie Huang, Linda Ho, Eric & Roseanne Kaysen, Matthew & Erin Kloes, Rita Ko, Lily Koehler, Kit Ming Kwok, Michael & Maggie Lau, Ping-Hai & Suching Lee, David & Maureen Leung, Cheng Mei Li, Lily Li, Gregory Lies, Agnes Luo, Paul Machtolf, Scott & Merci McCoy, Francette Meaney, Ben Ng, Windy Peitz, Theresa Squire, Cristina Tou, Andrew & David Tsui, Amy Wang, Hsang Hou Wang, Paul & Amber Wang, Victoria Wang, Helen Wong, Joseph Wu, Maggie Xiang.

In Memory of our Paris Volunteer Coordinator

As our ministry grows, we are continuously in need of more Ministry Friends. There are many ways that your gifts could be used. Please contact us if you feel God is calling you to help.


“Those who sow in tears will reap with cries of joy”  Psalm 126:5

         “那含淚播種的人,必含笑獲享收成“   聖詠集 126:5







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