Evangelization Publications 福傳作品系列

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The only Chinese Language Textbook that teaches Catholic terminology for evangelizing our Chinese brothers and sisters. Vol I. 唯一教中文天主教詞彙福傳華人的教科書. 第一册.

Audio CD is available upon request. To find out more about the CD, Please send us an email to qoccatholic@gmail.com .

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  1. Do you sell your beautiful Chinese Saint Cards so people in other parts of the world can learn about our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ?

      1. I am a Catholic School teacher at Saint William of York in Stafford County in the United States. I would really love one of each of these holy cards as I would like my students to do a biography on these holy men and women of God.

        If you could mail them to my school, I would be most grateful. And my students will keep you and your holy work in our prayers

        Thank you very much,
        Regina Hiney

        Saint William of York Catholic School
        Attention: Regina Hiney
        3130 Jefferson Davis Highway
        Stafford, VA 22554

      2. Dear Regina:
        My apologies for responding so late. Harvey was a big headache for us here.
        If you are still interested in our holy cards, we do have some available in English that we could send to you. We would accept a donation for them.
        Please let us know what you have decided. Our email address is qoccatholic@gmail.com.

        To Jesus through Mary
        Debbie Wang

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