Evangelization Publications 福傳作品系列

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  1. Do you sell your beautiful Chinese Saint Cards so people in other parts of the world can learn about our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ?

      1. I am a Catholic School teacher at Saint William of York in Stafford County in the United States. I would really love one of each of these holy cards as I would like my students to do a biography on these holy men and women of God.

        If you could mail them to my school, I would be most grateful. And my students will keep you and your holy work in our prayers

        Thank you very much,
        Regina Hiney

        Saint William of York Catholic School
        Attention: Regina Hiney
        3130 Jefferson Davis Highway
        Stafford, VA 22554

      2. Dear Regina:
        My apologies for responding so late. Harvey was a big headache for us here.
        If you are still interested in our holy cards, we do have some available in English that we could send to you. We would accept a donation for them.
        Please let us know what you have decided. Our email address is qoccatholic@gmail.com.

        To Jesus through Mary
        Debbie Wang

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