Evangelization Decorative Arts 福傳藝品系列

Miraculous Medal In Chinese

顯靈聖牌 (聖母無原罪聖牌)    Xiǎnlíng shèng pái (shèngmǔ wú yuánzuì shèng pái) 

“ O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. ”

  “ 吁!玛利亚,无染原罪之始胎,我等奔尔台前,为我等祈!”     

“ Xū! Mǎ lì yǎ, wú rǎn yuánzuì zhī shǐ tāi, wǒ děng bēn ěr tái qián, wèi wǒ děng qí! ”

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Please send us an email to qoccatholic@gmail.com if you are interested in   supporting our ministry by purchasing this beautifully made Miraculous Medal imported from Italy.


This painting of the Last Supper is painted by Merci McCoy. She is an accomplished Sacred Artist whose art adorns churches worldwide. Her and her husband Scott are dear friends to us and our ministry.



Crown of the 12 Stars is presenting the new art series” Our Lady’s Garden” hand crafted embroideries by Debbie. If you like what you see and like to own one, just send us an email to qoccatholic@gmail.com with item number. We will let you know the price. Thank you for you support our ministry.


                                                    Our Lady of China / 中 華 聖 母 

On an easy to frame 8 X 10 glossy finished card stock. $10.00 each / 5 for $40.00. Contact us qoccatholic@gmail.com for orders and questions.


Bible Tabs: If you are interested in purchase these tabs (English/Chinese), Please choose a style in that Saint’s name and contact us qoccatholic@gmail.com for purchase price. 


These beautiful hand embroidered Saints’ quotes are now available .

They come unframed so you can choose how you would like to display them in your home.  Please send us an email to qoccatholic@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing these items.



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The fingerprints of God can be seen everywhere in His creation. The Sand Dollar is one such masterpiece. Who would have thought that a humble shell that grew up in the ocean would show signs of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection? In nature, God reveals Himself to us but unless we are sensitive and look very closely, we may miss what God is trying to show us.

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如您有興趣購買這 “五傷貝殼 / 天主訉息” 福傳藝品,請 email qoccatholic@gmail.com


Please send us an email to qoccatholic@gmail.com

if you are interested in purchasing this item.