Ecclesiastical Recognition 教會贊譽函件


Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelization of the Peoples, sent us a letter of appreciation recognizing our work and sends us his benediction as we continue to serve the Lord and His Church. 樞機主教 Fernando Filoni 為管轄全球天主教福傳機構的 ‘聖座萬民福音傳播部’ 部長。從他 11/18/2014 梵蒂岡來函中表達對 ‘中華之后聖母天主敎福傳會’ 的關懐和謝忱。給予本會特殊的降福和推崇。

‘聖座萬民福音傳播部’ 秘書長韓大輝總主教 12/14/2016 梵蒂岡來函中給予 ‘中華之后聖母天主教福傳㑹’ 鼓勵和推薦本會教學福傳。極其推薦本會教授中文給神父及未來神父為更有效之拓展福傳海外華人的工具。恭賀我們實踐教宗呼籲平信徒成為傳福音主要角色的重要性。為本會繼續的成果祈禱。 天主降福, 聖誕及新年祝福。




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